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No, in fact he played with total fairness towards the oppostition. He's great role model for the younger generations to follow the footsteps of this great footballing legend.

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Q: How many yellow cards did Gary Lineker receive in his career?
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Which Football player has gotten the least yellow cards in their career?

Gary Linekar and sir Stanley Matthews never got a yellow card in their entire life as footballers.

How many players have had no yellow cards in their career?


Player That never received red cards?

There would be hundreds of players who never received red cards. But Gary Lineker, the famous England international and ex- Spurs player was never booked in his career.

How mand yellow cards has paul scholes had in his career?


How many red and yellow cards did Gary speed get in his career?


How many yellow cards did Argentina receive in the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Argentina received a total of 8 yellow cards in the tournament.

How many red cards does Ramos have in his career?

Ramos does have 19 career red cards. He did receive the 19th card yesterday when Real Madrid were playing Barcelona.

How many yellow cards did England receive in 2010 World Cup?

England received a total of 6 yellow cards in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Did England player Michael Owen get yellow cards and red cards?

Michael Owen has received 2 yellow cards in his professional career, he has never received a red card. His two yellow cards were both during international matches, he has never been booked in any domestic games.

Which La Liga player holds the record for most career yellow cards?

leo messi

How many red cards has Marco materazzi gotten in his career international and club?

Actually before becoming a professional footballer he had received 21 yellow cards and 15 red cards, then after signing on as a pro-footballer to this date he has received 28 red cards and 58 yellow cards.

Where can you find how many cards a football player has received in his career?

See below site- Some players like Yaya Toure have had no red cards at all and 3 yellow cards, and some players like Tomas Repka have had about 18 red cards and 22 yellow cards (lol)