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I think itis two one in the world cup verses Argentina and one for the Los Angles Galaxy.

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Q: How many yellow cards did David Beckham receive?
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How many yellow cards did Argentina receive in the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Argentina received a total of 8 yellow cards in the tournament.

How many yellow cards did England receive in 2010 World Cup?

England received a total of 6 yellow cards in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

How many red cards can a footballer receive in a game?

two yellow cards = one red card one red card = out of game

Do soccer players receive a one match ban after receiving 5 yellow cards?

That depends entirely on the rules of the competition. Usually in the league/domestic cup, 5 yellow cards equate to a ban, but in some shorter competitions, it could be three or even two yellow cards equating to a ban.

How many yellow cards issued at euro 2008?

20 yellow cards

How many yellow cards accumulated in the la liga before suspension?

5 yellow cards is a one game suspension

How many yellow cards given out at the 2006 world cup?

345 yellow cards.

How many red cards has david beckham received?

Two. One against Argentina in the world cup while playing for England. The other against the Seattle Sounders while playing for LA galaxy

How many yellow and red cards has steven Gerard got?

This season he has got no red cards or yellow cards so far!

How many red and yellow cards were issued during the 2010 world cup?

260 yellow cards 17 red cards.

How many yellow cards has shunsuke nakamura?

there is a number of player with these yellow cards one player onece receved 17 yellow cards in 15 games the same happend in America a player there reseved 4 red cards due his yellow cards this resulted in him quiting saying the sport is umfair

Which season in the french league had the most yellow card?

The 2002/2003 season in the French league had the most yellow cards. The number of yellow cards were 1,654.