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If you get two yellow cards you are sent of.

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Q: How many yellow cards before you get a suspension in the championship?
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How many yellow cards accumulated in the la liga before suspension?

5 yellow cards is a one game suspension

How many yellow cards before you get a game suspension?


How many yellow cards need to be accumulated in the Barclays Premier League before a suspension?

5 yellows = red-suspension

How many yellow cards accumulated in the blue square premiership before suspension?

2 yellows=1 red and that means you get out

When receiving a suspension for 5 yellow cards does the player go back to zero or is there additional suspension for each subsequent yellow after 5?

After 5 yellow cards player will be suspended for one game, after next five yellow cards (10) player will be suspended for 2 games and so on

How many yellow cards before a send off?

2 yellow cards

How many yellow cards for a suspension in euro 2016?

The general rule is that if you get two yellow cards in the same match or in two different matches it is a one match suspension. Players are also suspended for a single red card for one match, but if UEFA thinks the offense was severe they can extend that suspension.

How many yellow cards can you get in the fifa world cup?

1= nothing; 2=suspension for the next match; red=suspension from the rest of the current match

How many yellow cards before the player is suspended?

2 yellow cards=1 red card=1 match ban

Why do you get red and yellow cards in soccer?

For Disciplinary reasons. Examples: Bad Tackles, Abusive Language, Dissent, Time Wasting, Excessive Celebration, and Fighting. Yellow Card: Warning, for mild behaviors. Red Card: Extreme behavior, Fighting. 2 Yellows (in a single game) = Red Red = Expulsion from game and suspension for next game. Yellow = Depending on how many yellows you've had before, you can also get suspended for next game. - EXAMPLE: In Spanish Football, 5 yellow cards = Suspension. In The Champions League, 3 yellows = Suspension. Every other odd number yellow card after that (5,7,9,etc.) will also result in suspension. Source: UEFA Champions League Rules and Regulations Handbook.

How many yellow cards do you need for a suspension in the world cup?

it depends i think you would need 10 yellow card in order to get a 4 game match ban

What are Yellow and red cards in soccer?

Yellow and red cards are shown as a signal when a player or substitute commits misconduct before, during, or after a match.

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