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2 yellow cards

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โˆ™ 2010-06-13 04:15:02
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Q: How many yellow cards before a send off?
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How did refrees cautione the players before the invention of red and yellow cards?

Well, i may be wrong if they didnt use yellow or red cards, for yellow they might call them over and give them a final warning and if it happens again there out. For a red caard they will probably just send them out of the game.

How many Christmas Cards did Shawn Smith send?

he sent 69 cards

Which site offers free customizable eCards to send? is a site that offers cards that you may send over the internet. You may customize your cards on this site and send them to many of your friends.

What types of items can you send through 123 Greeting Cards?

One can send many e-cards using 123 Greetings. Some categories include cards of encouragement, inspiration, and thank you cards. There are also cards for birthdays, congratulations and cards for just everyday use.

do Mormons send Christmas cards?

Yes, if they want to. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) celebrate Christmas, and many send Christmas cards since it is a popular tradition in many countries. The Church and Church officials also send Christmas cards.

Red roses are a popular gift on Valentines day When is it appropriate to send a yellow rose?

Yellow roses symbolize friendship and familiar love. There are many different occasions that people can send yellow roses.

Do many people send out New Year greeting cards?

Sending out Christmas cards is far more common than sending out a New Year Greeting card. It is fair to say that many people send out Christmas greetings, and less people send New Year greetings. However, there are in-store and online resources for those who do choose to send New Year cards.

About how many Christmas cards does the average household send and receive?

Even though the number has dropped because of the use of internet e cards, people still send and receive an average of 100-150 cards during the Christmas season.

How can you add cards in pack yu gi oh?

send a letter to the company and ask them and send a duplicate of the cards

Do you send holiday cards to your friends and family on Halloween?

No, it is not required to send holiday cards on Halloween but it never hurts to! :)

Do you send thank you cards when receiveing cards of encouragement?

You can send a thank you card to the person that send you a card of encouragement. The thank you card is to say that the card they send you was great and that it did help.

When is it appropriate to send out holiday cards?

A week or two before the holiday in order to make sure your card arrives on time.

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