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Q: How many yellow and red cards has Luis Suarez got?
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How many bookings for diving does Luis Suarez have?


How many matches will Luis Suarez miss?


How many games left for Luis Suarez ban?


How many games has Luis Suarez served from his eight match ban?


How many goals did Luis Suarez score in 2010 world cup for Uruguay?


Is Luis Suarez How many times did he use his teeth in soccer?

3 that he has been punished for.

How many yellow cards issued at euro 2008?

20 yellow cards

How many teams has Luis Suarez played for?

He Has scored 111 goals in 156 maches for ajax

How many yellow cards given out at the 2006 world cup?

345 yellow cards.

How many yellow cards accumulated in the la liga before suspension?

5 yellow cards is a one game suspension

How many players have ever worn the number seven shirt for Liverpool?

The list Includes Kenny , Luis Alberto Suarez , john Barnes

How many red and yellow cards were issued during the 2010 world cup?

260 yellow cards 17 red cards.