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Jordan was drafted in 1984 by the bulls and he won his first championship in 1991

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Q: How many years was mike Jordan in the league before he won his 1st championship?
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What is older grey cup or an American championship?

The Grey Cup was first awarded in 1909, eleven years before the National Football League was formed.

How long was Michael Jordan in the NBA before he got his first championship?

Michael Jordan never won a championship. He came close to winning several. Including losing at the buzzer in a game 7 finals against the Utah Jazz <---- u failed michael jordan has won 6 championships his first one being when he was 28 then he three peated.. twice!

How many years before Michael Jordan won his first championship?

he start the nba in 1984-1985 and his first title came in 1990-1991

Why did Michael Jordan cut all his hair after college?

No, he had hair for the first few years of his career before his hair started to thin out around his 4th-6th yr in the league.

How long did it take Michael Jordan to when his first NBA finals?

its took hime 7 years to win his first nba championship

How many years did Kobe play before he won his first championship?


How old was Michael Jordan when he won his first nba title with the bulls?

MJ was born on February 17, 1963. Game 5 of the 1991 NBA Finals was won (and thus the championship) on June 12, 1991. So Jordan was 28 years (3 months and 26 days) old when he won his first championship. FYI: LBJ was 27 years (5 months and 22 days) old when he won his first championship ring.

In what year did Michael Jordan receive his last championship ring?

born February 17, 1963. Game 5 of the 1991 NBA Finals was won (and thus the Championship) on June 12, 1991. So Jordan was 28 years old when he won his first championship.

At what age did Jordan win his 5th ring?

28 when he won his first... 37 when he won his last..

Could you introduce the Jordan rules?

the jordan rules are 1. no games can end without game winners 2. minimum 8 steals per game and 3. minimum 1 championship per year for 6 years straight

What were the years MJ played for the bulls?

Jordan joined the National Basketball League Chicago Bulls in 1984.

Did the Pittsburgh Rens basketball team ever win a championship?

No. The Rens played two years in Pittsburgh in the American Basketball League, losing in the preliminary round of the playoffs in 1962 and not making the playoffs in 1963. However, the Pittsburgh Pipers won the ABA championship in 1968 led by Connie Hawkins (who was also a member of the 62 Rens team before they folded).