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Bear Bryant spent 25 years as head coach of Alabama (1958-1982).

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25 ... 1958-1982.

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Ten times.

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Q: How many years was bear Bryant the head coach at Alabama?
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Who was the most successful coach at University of Alabama?

paul "bear" Bryant

Who is Alabama's coach?

The legendary Bear Bryant.

Which college football coach has most titles?

Bear Bryant, Alabama

Who is the hall of fame coach in Forrest gump?

The revered Alabama football coach is "Bear" Paul Bryant.

What is the value of of the book BEAR the Hard Life and Good Times of Alabama's Coach Bryant 1974 autographed by Coach Bryant to Dr Frank A Rose former president of University of Alabama?


What college football coach has been to the national championship the most?

Paul "Bear" Bryant for Alabama.

How many different teams did Bear Bryant lose to at Bryant Denny Stadium during his career at Alabama?

According to Wikianswers own site, the answer is: "Bear Bryant accumulated a 72-2 record while head coach of Alabama at Bryant-Denny Stadium."

Why is Bear Bryant buried in Birmingham and not Tuscaloosa AL?

Bear Bryant was buried in Birmingham because he had family there. Although he was the most popular head coach of Alabama, he chose to be buried in Birmingham instead of Tuscaloosa. I myself am a Alabama fan. A huge Bear Bryant fan. Anything that has to do with Alabama football, I love.

Was Bear Bryant a Democrat?

Bear Bryant, the long time football coach at the University of Alabama was a Democrat. In 1968, had had 1.5 votes for the Democratic party Presidential nomination.

Who was the most successful football coach of Alabama?

Right now it is Paul Bear Bryant!! DUHHH ROLLTIDE

What collage did Forrest gump go to?

In the movie, he played football for the University of Alabama and Coach "Bear" Bryant.

What Division 1-A coach took teams to a record 29 bowl games?

Paul "Bear" Bryant with Alabama