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1 Year Full Time & 2 year Part Time in United Kingdom & 2 year Full & 3-4 year Part Time In USA, Australia, Canada , New Zealand.

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Q: How many years of college is a masters degree?
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How many years does it take of college to become a bus driver?

a masters degree . a PhD degree

How many years of college do you need to be a psychology professor?

At the college level, a minimum of a Masters degree in the subject you are teaching.

How many years of college is needed for a masters degree in anatomy?

Let's just say a lot. The answer is around 8 years.

How many years of college do you need for a masters degree to become a lawyer?

A law degree, which is actually a Juris Doctorii, is a three year degree full-time.

How many years are there in college?

It depends: Associates degree is 2 years; Bachelor's degree is 4 years; masters is 6 years; doctorate is 8 (I believe). To become an M.D. is much longer

How Many years of college does it take to become a psycologist?

To become a counselor, you need four years of college (a Bachelors Degree). To become a licensed therapist, you need to obtain a Masters degree (5-7 years of college).

How many years in college to get a child therapy degree?

You can get away with a bachelors but a masters in psychology specializing in child therapy is recommended

How many years do you have to got to collage for you seismologist?

I think seismology is a Masters Degree program, so you would first have to earn a Bachelors Degree which normally takes four years and then two more years for a Masters so becoming a Seismologist takes 6 years of college.

How many college credits do you need to earn a masters degree?


How many years of college do you need for human services?

It all depends on the degree program you are pursuing: Certificate: 6 months Associate Degree: 2 years BS Human Services: 2-3 years Masters Degree: 4 years

How many years does it take to get a masters degree?

It depends

How many years to become a teacher?

It varies state to state most commonly a masters degree in teaching is require. Some state an undergrad degree is enough. 4-6 years of college