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52 years as the LA Dodgers.

Since joining the National League in 1890, the Dodgers have been known as:

  • 1888-1890 - Brooklyn Bridegrooms
  • 1891-1895 - Brooklyn Grooms
  • 1896-1898 - Brooklyn Bridegrooms
  • 1899-1910 - Brooklyn Superbas
  • 1911-1912 - Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers
  • 1913 - Brooklyn Dodgers
  • 1914-1931 - Brooklyn Robins
  • 1958�present - Los Angeles Dodgers

Prior to joining the National League, the Dodgers were known as:

  • 1884 - Brooklyn Atlantics
  • 1885-1887 - Brooklyn Grays
  • 1888-1890 - Brooklyn Bridegrooms
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Q: How many years have the Dodgers been playing Baseball?
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