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The Cincinnati Bengals have 18 winning seasons in their history.

The winning seasons:

2015: 12-4

2014: 10-5-1

2013: 11-5

2012: 10-6

2011: 9-7

2009: 10-6

2005: 11-5

1990: 9-7* strike shortened season

1988: 12-4

1986: 10-6

1982: 7-2* strike shortened season

1981: 12-4

1977: 8-6

1976: 10-4

1975: 11-3

1973: 10-4

1972: 8-6

1970: 8-6

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3 ... 1994 (DT Dan Wilkerson), 1995 (RB Ki-Jana Carter), and 2003 (QB Carson Palmer).

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Q: How many years have the Cincinnati Bengals had the number one pick in the draft?
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What years have the Cincinnati Bengals had a winning season?


In what year did the AFL grant a franchise to the Cincinnati Bengals before the NFL merger?

Paul Brown was the first head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, a position he held for eight years.

What years were the Cincinnati Bengals in the Super Bowl?

They lost to the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowls XVI and XXIII.

Who was 22 for the 1988 Cincinnati Bengals?

Eric Thomas...He was a pro-bowler that year and a rising star before blowing out his knee playing pickup basketball in 1990. He came back and played 2 more years with the Bengals but was a much lesser player.

How many times have the Pittsburgh Steelers beaten the Cincinnati Bengals in the last 10 years?

Through the 2012 season, the Bengals have 33 wins and 52 losses all-time versus the Steelers in the regular season. The Bengals are also 0-1 in their postseason meetings.

How many sacks does James harrison have in his career?

Standout linebacker James Harrison has played 10 years-- 9 with the Pittsburgh Steelers and 1 with the Cincinnati Bengals. During that time he has accumulated 66 sacks.

How many years did Marvin Lewis coach for the Washington Redskins?

One, as defensive coordinator in 2002 under head coach Steve Spurrier.He left after that season to take the head coaching job with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Who is the second youngest team in the NFL in 2008?

According to players on 2008 opening day rosters, the Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers are tied for the youngest team in the NFL at 25.57 years of age. The Indianapolis Colts came next at 25.68 years, then the Cincinnati Bengals at 25.81 years and the Miami Dolphins at 25.93 years.

NFL tie games in last 10 years?

There have been two - in 2002 the Pittsburgh Steelers and Atlanta Falcons finished up a 34-34 tie. In 2008 the Philadelphia Eagles and Cincinnati Bengals ended their game tied 13-13.

How many years did Paul Brown coach in AFL and NFL?

Paul Brown coached the Cleveland Browns between 1946-1962. The Browns were in the All American Football Conference between 1946-1949. Brown also coached the Cincinnati Bengals from 1968-1975. The Bengals were an American Football League team from 1968-1969 and a National Football League team from 1970 to present.

Are Bengals big?

Bengals come in a range of sizes but they are fast growers so yes they do come big once they reach 1-2 years old. :)

Worst football team of all time?

Cincinnati Bengals after Paul Brown died and mike Brown took over. They are a privately owned buisness funded by the tax payers of Hamilton County Ohio Unlike the Green Bay Packers who are owned by fans through stocks. The Bengals have not Won a playoff game since Mike Brown took over in more than 20 years.