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Q: How many years have everton been in the first division?
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How long since everton began?

Everton Has Been Around 132 Years And Started In 1878 x

How many years man utd played in top division?

only about 30 years or so they only have been in the premier league ever since it started like Arsenal,Liverpool,everton and Aston villa

What teams have not been relegated the longest in the English top division?

As of 2011: Arsenal 1919 92 years Everton 1954 57 years Liverpool 1962 49 years Man U 1975 36 years Spurs 1978 33 years

Which team has been in the top flight of English football without winning the title?

I think that's either Everton or Arsenal. I can't remember which but I know there's not that much in it. Even the mighty Manchester United suffered the indignity of relegation during the 1970s. In fact the answer is 'Arsenal' with Everton coming second. Fact..... when Arsenal celebrated 60 years of being in the top flight Everton were celebrating only 24 years.....what a gap ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The truth is Arsenal have the longest unbroken run, However as founder members of the football league and only spending 3 years out of top flight you will find its Everton who are 131 years old this year, so 128 years in top flight!

Have Aston villa ever been religated from English first division?

yes they were in the 3rd division about 30 years ago

How many times have everton been in fa cup final?

They lost to Chelsea last year 2009 which was Everton's first final since 1995.

Who has played for everton but also been sent off playing against everton?

Richard Dunne

What is Everton fc ground capacity?

25,000 seats the exact same as Liverpool !

What team has been in top flight football the longes?


Who is Everton the Football Club captain?

Roberto Martínez has been the Everton manager since the summer of 2013.

Are everton a bigger club than arsenal?

Everton, More major honours and they are in the topflight!(Have been longer than any other team)

What football teams have never been in the English 3rd division?

Probably Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal. Not really sure about the rest though.