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Q: How many years have china been participating in the Olympics?
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How long have Singapore been participating in the Olympics?

14 years

How long has Greece been participating in the Olympics?

For nearly 200 years

How long has Italy been participating in Olympics?


In how many Olympics has China competed?

China has been in 4 Olympics

How long have the swindell sisters been participating in rowing in the Olympics?

They have participated in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics

How many years has China been in the winter Olympics?

China first participated in the Winter Olympics at the 1980 Games in Lake Placid. The 2010 Games in Vancouver are the 9th they have participated in.

Where have the Olympics been held from the first Olympics to china?


Why is Hong Kong competing in the 2008 Olympics as a country and not as a part of the Chinese team?

When control of Hong Kong was transferred to China in 1997, they were designated as a Special Administrative Region which has autonomy and a separate political system than the mainland. Hong Kong has had a National Olympic Committee since 1950 and has been participating in the Summer Olympics since 1952. They will continue to participate separate of China in upcoming Olympics and will be known as Hong Kong, China.

What country has been disqualified from Beijing Olympics?


What years have sanya Richards been in the Olympics?

Sanya Richards Ross has been in the Olympics for FOUR YEARS.

Have Olympics been held in china before?

Yes in Beijing

How many years has gymastic been in the Olympics?

The gymnastics has been in the Olympics since 1896.