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91 years

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Q: How many years have arsenal been in top flight football consecutively?
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What team has been in top flight football the longest?

Arsenal has been in the top flight the longest. Arsenal (1919) 90 years Everton (1954) 55 years

What soccer team has been in the top flight in England without relegation longest?

I think that's either Everton or Arsenal. I can't remember which but I know there's not that much in it. Even the mighty Manchester United suffered the indignity of relegation during the 1970s. In fact the answer is 'Arsenal' with Everton coming second. Fact..... when Arsenal celebrated 60 years of being in the top flight Everton were celebrating only 24 years.....what a gap ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The truth is Arsenal have the longest unbroken run, However as founder members of the football league and only spending 3 years out of top flight you will find its Everton who are 131 years old this year, so 128 years in top flight!

Who are Arsenal Football Clubs enemies?

Manchester United have been rivals of Arsenal for years. Arsenal are also rivals with their closest team, Tottenham Hotspur. They play in the now famous, North London Derby.

Which of the big four football teams in England are arch-rivals?

Last years 'big four' were Chelsea, Manchester, Arsenal & Tottenham & out of them clubs, Tottenham and Arsenal are rivals and so are Chelsea & Manchester.

How many years was thierry Henry at arsenal?

Thierry was at Arsenal from 1999-2007 which is 8 years

How many years is it since Arsenal won a trophy?

It has been 6 years since Arsenal won a trophy.

Which years did arsenal win the community shield?

arsenal won the shield in 1930,1931,1933,1934,1938,1948,1953,1998,1999,2002,2004,2014

How many years has arsenal played?

Arsenal was founded in 1886 as Dial Square.

What teams have never been out the top league?

"Manchester United is the only team I know that has never been out of the prem" That answer is incorrect, the only team never to have been relelgated out of the "TOP" league in English Football is Arsenal. Manchester United have only been in the top flight since relegation for 36 years.

How many years did Arsenal play at Highbury?

93 years. Arsenal played from September 1913 until May 2006 at Highbury.

How many years did fabragas play in arsenal?

six years

Who was the Indian captain for world cup cricket consecutively for three years?

saurabh ganguli

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