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Aston Villa were one of the founding members of the Premier League in 1992. They have been ever present in the league.

This information is correct as of March 19th, 2012.

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Q: How many years have Aston Villa been in the Premier League for?
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How many years has Aston Villa been in the premier league?

all of the seosons

Will Aston Villa win the premier league?

They will not for a few years at least as Chelsea, arsenal , Manchester united and Liverpool are to strong now.

When were Aston villa last relegated?

They have never been relegated from the Premier Leauge, But they were relegated 2 years before the Premier Leauge

How many years man utd played in top division?

only about 30 years or so they only have been in the premier league ever since it started like Arsenal,Liverpool,everton and Aston villa

Is Chelsea better than Aston Villa?

No! History wise no. Aston Villa have won more trophies over the years than Chelsea. Aston Villa have won the European cup before Chelsea, more top flight division trophies and League cups. However Chelsea have won the same amount of FA cups as Aston Villa but Chelsea have been in the final more times that Villa which means Villa were more consistent in the FA cup finals than Chelsea. Aston Villa are a bigger club than Chelsea. Today Chelsea have the better team over Villa, but you can say that Chelsea Buy their way through football, meaning they are a money club unlike Villa who are more traditional.

Who won the premier league in 0910?

the winners of this years premier league was arsenal

Could Aston villa win the premiership?

They need to spend a lot of money and improve there squad but cant see it happening for a good few years. Well I think any team can win the premiership but Aston Villa do have a good chance. I mean they have the players but it's just not happening for them. I'm not a Barclay's League freak who knows everything but I reckon Aston Villa might need better coaches.

Which English Premier League teams have not been relegated?

Currently there are seven clubs who have never been relegated from the English Premier League; Arsenal (3x Champions), Aston Villa, Chelsea (3x Champions), Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United (11x Champions) and Tottenham Hotspur.Arsenal has been in the top division in England for the longest time in history, 91 years, since the 1919-20 season.

What is the oldest team in the Barclay's Premier League?

Manchester United has been in the Barclay's Premier League for 24 years. Manchester City has been in the Barclay's Premier League for 20 years.

What years did Geoff Hunt play for Aston Villa And what position?

Geoff Hunt never played for Aston Villa. He started his senior career with Crewe Alexendra and subsequently played for Port Vale and Wrexham.

Who is Shay Given?

Shay Given (born April 20, 1976 in Lifford) is an Irish footballer who, as of March 2014, plays for Aston Villa as a goalkeeper. Given started his career playing for Blackburn Rovers, but having failed to secure a permanent position, he moved to Newcastle United, where he picked up over 350 Premier League appearances in 12 years. Moving to Manchester City in 2009, he transferred to his most recent permanent team, Aston Villa in July 2011.

When is Barclay's premier league starting?

This years Barclays Premier League starts on 15th august saturday.

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