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The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been hosting race since 1909. The initial races were motorcycle races and later car races were also held here.

Between 2000 and 2007, for 8 years Formula One racing events were also held in Indianapolis.

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Q: How many years has the Indianapolis Motor Speedway held races?
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100 years ago today the first race was held at Indianapolis motor speedway what famous race still runs their?

The Indianapolis 500.

100 years ago the first race was held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. What famous race still runs there?

The Indy 500.

Who built the Las Vegas Motor Speedway?

Bruton Smith purchased the speedway in 1998, two years after it opened.

Has NASCAR ever changed the names of their tracks?

Yes. Due to adding or losing sponsors, the names of certain Nascar race tracks have been changed. A couple of amendments over the years would be (Lowe's Motor Speedway to Charlotte Motor Speedway, and California Speedway becoming Auto Club Speedway).

What motor company motor did dale earnheart win his races with?

Chevy. Most of his later years, his main sponsor was GM goodwrench.

Where can you find records of the races that took place in the sand at Daytona before the super speedway opened?

Greg Felden's "Forty Years of Stock Cars Racing," Vol. 1

Has there been a NASCAR race without 43 drivers?

Yes, there have been several NASCAR races in recent years without 43 drivers. The Kentucky Speedway racetrack does not race 43 cars.

Will there be a Daytona race in 2013?

Yes. Nascar is still planning to hold Nascar races at the Daytona International Speedway for years to come. They already had the Daytona 500 on February 24th.

Attendance Indy 500 vs 400 Brickyard?

The attendance was close for several years, but in recent years the Indy 500 has begun to pull away from the Allstate 400 in attendance figures. The Indy 500 continues to be close to a sellout crowd each year, while the Allstate 400 has begun to show sizeable gaps. There will never be fully accurate numbers though, as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway refuses to publize their attendance numbers.

When did Jeff Gordon win at Dover and take the championship?

Jeff Gordon won races at Dover International Speedway in 1995 and 2001, he also won the championship in those years.

Which years did A. J. Foyt race at Daytona International Speedway?

From 1963 through 1992, A.J. Foyt drove in 54 races at Daytona International Speedway. The only year he missed was 1991.He won there three times, including the 1972 Daytona 500.

Where is the 2013 motor GP going to be held?

The 2013 Motor Grand Prix will be held in the United States at 3 different locations. 19 races overall will be run in this years tour where at the end a champion will be crowned.

What years did Dale Jarrett drive for UPS and what races did he win with their sponsorship?

Dale Jarrett drove for UPS from 2001-2008.He won the following eight races with their sponsorship:March 18, 2001 - Carolina Dodge Dealers 400 (Darlington Raceway)April 1, 2001 - Harrah's 500 (Texas Motor Speedway)April 8, 2001 - Virginia 500 (Martinsville Speedway)July 22, 2001 - New England 300 (New Hampshire International Speedway)June 9, 2002 - Pocono 500 (Pocono Raceway)August 18, 2002 - Pepsi 400 Presented by Farmer Jack (Michigan International Speedway)February 23, 2003 - Subway 400 (North Carolina Speedway)October 2, 2005 - UAW-Ford 500 (Talladega Superspeedway)

Who is the youngest NASCAR winner in history?

Joey Logano became the youngest driver in Nascar Sprint Cup Series history, when he won the 2009 Lenox Industrial Tools 301 race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. He was 19 years, 35 days old. Joey is also the youngest winner in Nationwide Series history, when he won the 2008 Meijer 300 at Kentucky Speedway. He was 18 years, 21 days old at the time.

How old is grandview speedway?

52 years old as of 2014

How many years did speedway sell coke trucks at Christmas?

10 years

Where did the bricks come from whats the companies name to build the Indianapolis Speedway?

The Indianapolis Speedway's "Yard of Bricks" is the roughly 3' wide strip of bricks that marks the start/finish line at the track - 'yard' refers literally to it being a YARD wide. At least, it is only a yard wide today. Back in 1909, the track had originally been paved in 3.2 million bricks. Some 90% of these had been made by the Wabash Valley Clay Company of northern Indiana. Over the years, various repairs and resurfacing projects replaced layers of brick with asphalt, and today, only "The Yard" remains.

How many years has the Indianapolis Colts been a football team?

26 years

How many years has the Daytona track been there?

Daytona International Speedway opened in 1959

Who was the youngest driver to win a Nascar Cup Series race?

Joey Logano at 19 years, 35 days old became the youngest driver to win a Nascar Cup Series race. It was on June 28, 2009 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

How long did the colts play for Indianapolis?

33 years

What is the number of years on the statute of Limitations On a class D felony In Indianapolis for theft in Indianapolis?

In Indiana the limitation on a Class D felony is five years. That will depend on the time not being tolled.

Who invented the Motor Speedway?

Speedway or dirt track racing as it was known as in the early years, appeared to have its first number of outings in Ireland during the years 1900 and 1902 whit the latter race taking part on an oval cinder track. the other tracks involved were of grass, Cement and gravel. I have just publin a book on the subject which I entitled "Speedway History Revisited..The Early Years 1896-1928 and it is now available at the most reasonable price of €10 and the first hundred copies ordered will be sent free of p&p, For further details plese see my website at <> and or contact me by email at and oblige, George P. Kearns

Who is the youngest Indianapolis 500 winner?

Troy Ruttman was 22 years old when he won the 36th Indianapolis 500 on May 30, 1952.

Who bought out the Empire Life and Accident Insurnace Company in Indianapolis IN?

They were bought many years ago by Commonwealth Insurance company in Louisville. My dad was an agent for them in Lafayette, In and Indianapolis about 1950