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Q: How many years has it been since Liverpool football club beat Skote city?
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What football team does Fernando Torres support?

He supports Liverpool. He has played for Liverpool for 3 years. Why wouldn't he support them?!

How much have Liverpool football club spent on players in the last 20 years?


How has Liverpool improved as a city in the last few years?

it got 2 football teams :)

How long has carragher played soccer for Liverpool?

Hes played there for about 9 years. And its called football not soccer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who has won more trophies in last since year 2000 Liverpool fc or Manchester united?

Manchester United have won more trophies then Liverpool since 2000.

Who won Football league in 1926?

Liverpool (so completing a hat-trick of titles). They finished three points clear of Southampton.

Which football club won the league in 1973?

Liverpool won the league in 1973. This was their first win in 7 years.

Which English football club has won the European cup 2 years in a row?

liverpool in 1976-77 and 1977-78

When was Liverpool FC founded?

Liverpool FC was founded in 1892 because Everton FC had moved out of Anfield (the stadium) and the landlords needed new tennants.

What is so good about Liverpool?

EVERYTHING!!Liverpool are an amazing football team , all players have a passion for football , and a passion for the team. Liverpools current manager is Kenny Dalglish ( Aka King Kenny ) , a man who played for Liverpool many years ago and is a true Liverpool legend.Liverpool do have one very passionate hatred too ; for MAN UNITED! However , on total , Liverpool have won 62 trophies , and man u only 60. Haha!All in all , Liverpool are an amazing team , and all the things i have stated make Liverpool the fantastic team they are.COME ON YOU REDS!LFC Forever!!

Which is the most successful soccer team over the past twenty years Liverpool or Manchester united?

Manchester United (LIVERPOOL NEVER WON THE PREMIERSHIP) United dominated the premiership since it started.

Why was Liverpool banned for 5 years?

Liverpool was banned for five years because their finances are in a mess.