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David Beckham is playing football for over 10 years.

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Q: How many years has david becham been playing football for?
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How old was david becham when he started playing football?

13 years old and he started his football carear around 17 -20 years old

How many years is David Beckham playing football?

david beckham is playing football for 10 yeras

How old do you have to be to play professional football?

You can start playing football as early as five years , but you must be eighteen years to play professional football.

How long has Wayne Rooney been playing football for?

he has been playing for about 9 years

How long has whayne Rooney been playing football for?

Professionally, he has played football for about 9 years.

Has Peyton Manning been playing football for 16 years?

Longer. He has been playing professional football since 1998, so that's 12 years there. Then add in his college (4 years) and high school (4 years) and however much youth football he played.

Football club playing with mfg logo?

the age to play as a reserve with the football team playing with fmg logo is18 years and above.

Can you where contacts playing football?

Yes! You definitely can wear contacts playing football. I have worn them for going on 4 years now and have never had a problem with them.

How many years has Aaron Rodgers been playing football?

he can play for how many years he wants to

When did David villa start to play?

David started playing very early in Spain about 12 years.

How good are Mizuno football boots?

Best quality football boots I've owned in 35+ years playing.

How old was david beackham when he started liking football?

David Beackham was 5 years old when he first played football. at his school so shut up ppl who dont no nufin

What age did Nathan buckley started playing football?

At 30 years of age

What year did Tom Brady start playing football?

2 years old

How old is David Gill?

UK football executive David Gill is 60 years old (birthdate: August 5, 1957).

How old was Cristiano ronaldo when he started playing soccer?

Ronaldo was 12 or 14 years when he started playing football.

How many years has Messi been playing for?

He started playing football from the age of five, so that means he has been playing soccer for around 19 years, and for 8 of them he has been playing for Barcelona F.C.

When did David Bowden play?

David Bowden graduated in 1971 from high school and went to play college football in Florida the following years

How can i return to college football?

That depends; who are you? If you were a past college football player who wants to return after playing four years, sorry, but you cannot return to play college football after your 4 years of eligibility are up.

When did fabregas started playing football?

He was about 13 years at the famous Barcelona youth team.

How many years has Frank Lampard been playing football?

hes been playing proffesionally since he was 16, 1994

At What age did Frank Lampard start playing football?

he started played soccer not football when he was 8 years old (true story)

Why did steven Gerrard start playing football?

because he liked football and he trained for years and mastered the skills then wollAR he was a fotball player.

What are the dangers of playing high school and college football?

Joint injuries are the most common injuries in high school and college football. However, concussions have become a more recognized risk of playing football in recent years.

How much years has CR-7 bin playing soccer?

Ronaldo started playing youth team football in 1992. He started his career in 2002. Therefore he has been playing for 22 years.