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38 years

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Q: How many years has Jim Boeheim head coached the Syracuse mens basketball team?
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How old is Jim Boeheim?

Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim is 73 years old (birthdate: November 17, 1944).

How long has coach k coached duke basketball?

20 years

How old is Juli Boeheim?

Juli Boeheim is about 52 years old (born circa 1965), and 21 years younger than coach Jim Boeheim.

Who is the best Syracuse Basketball player of all time?

The best Syracuse basketball player of all time is Gerry McNamara. Nobody did more for a basketball team did Gerry. He was on the 2003 National Championship team, and had 27 points with 9 3's. He was there for four years, and gave Boeheim as much as he could. In 2005 he lead the team to four games and four days to win the big east championship and get a 3 seed in the big dance. He holds the record for most threes in a big east championship. These years right now there is another Gerry McNamara in the works with Jonny Flynn.

Who was Jim jarvis?

Jim Jarvis was a basketball player as well as a coach. Jim Jarvis played basketball for Oregon State and coached college ball for six years.

How long has Jim Boeheim been coach for the Orangemen?

34 years.

What do you have to have to be a basketball player?

To be a good basketball player (or really a good athlete) you will need simple qualities that coaches like( i would know, i have coached basketball for 7 years) determination, openness to learn, bravery, preference, and smartness... haha hope this helped

How many years has Jim Tressel coached at Ohio State?

for 15 years

How long did vince lombardi coach for?

15 years Lombardi coached the packers from 1959 season through the 1967 season (9 years). He then coached the redskins in 1969. Ten years total.

How long has Sean Payton coached Saints?

4 years.

How many years has Nick Saban coached at Alabama?

1 year

Years Jim Brown played lacrosse?

whatever years he was in college at syracuse.

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