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he can play for how many years he wants to

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Q: How many years has Aaron Rodgers been playing football?
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How is Aaron Rodgers?

Aaron Rodgers is 34 years old (birthdate: December 2, 1983).

How old Aaron Rodgers?

Aaron Rodgers is 34 years old (birthdate: December 2, 1983).

How old is Aaron Rodgers?

Aaron Rodgers is 34 years old (birthdate: December 2, 1983).

How many years did Aaron Rodgers play in the NFL?

Aaron Rodgers has started in the NFL for 3 years. He has spent season in the NFL.

How many years are left on Aaron Rodgers contract?

3 years

How many years has Aaron Rodgers been with the Green Bay Packers?

The Green Bay Packers drafted Aaron Rodgers in 2005. He became their starter in 2008.

How many years has Aaron Rodgers started for the green bay packers?

4 years

How old is aaron rodger?

Aaron Rodgers is 34 years old (birthdate: December 2, 1983).

When did Aaron Rodgers start playing for the Green Bay Packers?

He was backup quarterback for three years before becoming the starting quarterback in 2008.

Who is this years starting QB for the pro bowl?

Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.

How old is Jordan Rodgers?

Sportcaster and ex-NFL QB Jordan Rodgers is 29 years old (born August 30, 1988). His older brother is Aaron Rodgers. In 2016, he became engaged to Jojo Fletcher on The Bachelorette.

How many years has david becham been playing football for?

David Beckham is playing football for over 10 years.

How many years is David Beckham playing football?

david beckham is playing football for 10 yeras

Who is the youngest starting quarterback in the NFL right now?

Matt Ryan (Falcons) who is 25 years-old. Aaron Rodgers (Packers) is second youngest, who is 27 years-old.

How old do you have to be to play professional football?

You can start playing football as early as five years , but you must be eighteen years to play professional football.

How long has Wayne Rooney been playing football for?

he has been playing for about 9 years

How long has whayne Rooney been playing football for?

Professionally, he has played football for about 9 years.

Has Peyton Manning been playing football for 16 years?

Longer. He has been playing professional football since 1998, so that's 12 years there. Then add in his college (4 years) and high school (4 years) and however much youth football he played.

Football club playing with mfg logo?

the age to play as a reserve with the football team playing with fmg logo is18 years and above.

Can you where contacts playing football?

Yes! You definitely can wear contacts playing football. I have worn them for going on 4 years now and have never had a problem with them.

What year was Aaron Rodgers drafted?

He was selected in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft by the Packers. After backing up Brett Favre for the first three years of his NFL career, Rodgers became the Packers' starting quarterback in 2008. In 2010, he led them to a victory in Super Bowl XLV over the Pittsburgh Steelers, earning the Super Bowl MVP.

How good are Mizuno football boots?

Best quality football boots I've owned in 35+ years playing.

How old was david becham when he started playing football?

13 years old and he started his football carear around 17 -20 years old

What age did Nathan buckley started playing football?

At 30 years of age

What year did Tom Brady start playing football?

2 years old