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As of June 2014, he is no longer a Buffalo Sabre. He was traded to St Louis in the final year of his contract

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Q: How many years does Ryan miller have left on his contract with the buffalo sabres?
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Why was Lindy rough fired from the Buffalo Sabres?

Lindy Ruff was the coach for the Buffalo Sabres for 16 years and one of the NHL's longest serving coaches to one team. He was fired due to growing criticism for the team's early season struggles.

How many Stanley Cup finals have the Buffalo Sabres been in?

2. The Buffalo Sabres have been to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1975 and 1999, and lost in both years.1975 - Lost to the Philadelphia Flyers in 6 games.1999 - Lost to the Dallas Stars in 6 games.

What professional hockey team is affiliated with the Portland Pirates?

At present the Portland Pirates are affiliated with Phoenix Coyotes. In previous years they have been affiliated with the Baltimore Skipjacks, Washington Capitals Anaheim Ducks and the Buffalo Sabres.

Did Buffalo Sabres win a Stanley cup?

No not in the 39 years they played they haven't won the Stanely CupNo, Buffalo has never won a Stanley Cup. Coming close in the 1998-1999 season when Brett Hull scored the, controversial foot-in-the-crease, Stanley Cup winning goal against Dominik Hasek.

Do you think the NHL Buffalo Sabres need new management?

I honestly don't think so. If you look back a few years they were a very solid team. All they need to do is come across some good players to take a "leader" role

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Lindy Ruff was appointed Buffalo's 15th head coach in franchise history on July 21, 1997. In just his second season as a head coach in the NHL, Ruff led the Sabres to their first Stanley Cup Finals in 24 years, and established himself as one of the top young coaches in the league. In his time behind the Sabres' bench, Ruff has guided his team to 32 career playoff wins in five seasons. The win mark makes him the all-time winningest coach in the postseason for Buffalo, surpassing the legendary Scotty Bowman's total of 18 wins (set over five seasons). He also achieved a club record in 1999 for the most wins in one playoff year with 14. In the process, Ruff became only the third head coach under the present Stanley Cup Playoff format to lead his team to the Conference Finals in each of his first two seasons (Jean Perron with Montreal in 1986 and 1987; Mike Milbury with Boston in 1990 and 1991). Ruff led Buffalo to a 19-7-5 record to start the 1998-99 season as the Sabres finished the 1998 calendar year (1/1/98-12/31/98) with the second-best record in the NHL.

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