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Q: How many years does Alex Rodriguez have left on his contract with the Yankees?
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How many years has Alex Rodriguez played for the New York Yankees?

2011 will be Alex Rodriguez's eighth season with the Yankees. He began in 2004.

Would Alex Rodriguez's contract with the New York Yankees be void with the steroid use?

No, it would not.

Was Alex Rodriguez with the Yankees in 2000?

No. Alex Rodriguez joined the New York Yankees in 2004.

When did Alex Rodriguez join Yankees?

Alex Rodriguez joined the New York Yankees in 2004.

What number does Alex Rodriguez wear for the New York Yankees?

Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees is number 13.

Does Alex Rodriguez act?

No, he does not. Alex Rodriguez is the current third basemen for the New York Yankees.

What is Alex Rodriguez's position on the New York Yankees?

Alex Rodriguez plays 3rd base .

Who gets paid the most in Major League Baseball?

In my opinion, it is Alex Rodriguez..Yankees player Alex Rodriguez, signed the biggest MLB contract ever for $275,000,000 (275 million!!) in 2007 for 2008-17.

Alex Rodriguez came From what team?

Alex Rodriguez came up with the Seattle Mariners. In 2001, when he was eligible for free agency he signed a $252 million 10-year deal with the Texas Rangers. The Rangers traded him to the Yankees. In 2007 he opted out of the last 3 years of his contract and declared free agency, but then resigned with the Yankees.

Who else did the New York Yankees get from Texas in the Alex Rodriguez trade?

The Yankees acquired only Alex Rodriguez in the trade. The Texas Rangers received Alfonso Soriano and a player to be named later (Joaquin Arias). The Rangers also agreed to pay $67 million of the $179 million left on Alex's contract.

Did Alex Rodriguez use steroids with the Yankees?


What was Alex Rodriguez's highest salary?

In 2009 Alex Rodriguez made $33,000,000. for the New York Yankees