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Q: How many years do you have to play in the NCAA basketball before you can go pro?
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How many teams were in the NCAA basketball tournament in 1984?

There were 53 teams in the 1984 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship (5 play-in games before the tournament).

How many California team were represented in this years NCAA men's basketball ternoment?


Who is the basketball player in the NCAA basketball tournament?

there are so many player in NCAA,who are u talking about.

How many years has western Michigan made the NCAA basketball tournament?

Three. 1976, 1998, 2004.

How many times has Bulter participated in the NCAA tournament?

Through 2013, Butler University has made appearances 12 years in the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

How many NCAA men's basketball championships has Michigan won?

Michigan has won 1 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, in 1989.

How many NCAA basketball teams does Michigan have?


How many officials are in an NCAA basketball game?


How many NCAA basketball titles does UW have?


How many NCAA basketball team are there?


How many previous championships does the Miami NCAA basketball team have?

They have never won the NCAA championship.

How many basketball teams played for round 3 in the NCAA basketball for men?