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1-4 years..... D A

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Q: How many years do you have to go to USC to play pro football?
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How many people can the USC football stadium hold?

The USC Trojans play football at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The seating capacity is 93,607.

What years did usc win the narional football championsip?

The years that the USC did win the National Football Championship was in 2012 and 2010.

How many games did usc football win in 2009?

USC is currently 7-3 with 2 games left to play.

Did Fred Lynn play football at USC?

Yes, he was recruited for football.

Does Cody gifford play football at usc?


How many years did mark sanchez play quarterback at usc?


Does Thomas Redfearn play baseball or football at USC?


Where did Matt cassel play college football?

USC he was Leinarts backup

Where does Usc play all of its home football games?

South California.

Did Will Ferrell play college football?

Yes, he played Kicker for USC

Did John Wayne play football for UCLA?

No. John Wayne played football for USC not UCLA.

How many national titles does USC football have?


Did Reggie Jackson play football and baseball?

Yes he played both at USC

How long did OJ play football at USC?

Two seasons ... 1967 and 1968.

Does Cody gifford play for usc?

Yes, Kathy Lee Gifford's son Cody Gifford does play football for USC. He is following in his father Franks footsteps.

When was USC Trojans football created?

USC Trojans football was created in 1888.

Most college football wins last five years?

USC Trojans

What team has beat Ohio State in Football two years in a row?


How many Usc football national titles?

they have won 11

What conference is usc football in?

USC is in the PAC 10

Did Aaron Rodgers play baseball at usc?

No, he didn't play baseball in college. He played football at University of California.

How many times has Kansas State played USC in football?


How many championships have usc trojans football team won?


Where did Mark Sanchez play football before the NFL?

He went to the University of Southern California. (USC)

Where did New York Giants wide receiver Steve Smith play college football?