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Q: How many years did jj newman play for the mets?
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What years did the mets play their first game?


How many seasons did the Metropolitans play?

the mets 50th this if right.

How many of AFL did Sam Newman play?

Sam Newman Played 300 AFL Games & Kicked 110 Goals. 316 games u idiot

What position does Terence Newman play?

Terence Newman plays Cornerback for the Cincinnati Bengals.

What NFL team does Terence Newman play for?

Terence Newman plays for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Does david newman play an instrument?


What team did Sam Newman play for?


Who did paul newman play in cars?


What has the author Tom Newman written?

Tom Newman has written: 'How to play billiards' -- subject(s): Billiards

How many seasons did ed kranepool play with the New York Mets?

Ed Kranepool started and ended his career with the New York Mets. His MLB debut was on September 22, 1962 and ended almost exactly 17 years later on September 30, 1979. Kranepool was apart of the 1969 Miracle Mets that won the 1969 World Series and was also the only Mets representative in the 1965 All-Star Game, even though he didn't play. At the time of his debut, Kranepool was only 17 years old (that's 6 years younger then the previous youngest call up). Because of his stats and contribution to the team, Kranepool was inducted into the New York Mets Hall of Fame in 1990.

How many times have the New York Mets shutout the New York Yankees?

Since interleague play began in 1997, the Mets have shut out the Yankees six times. The Yankees have shut out the Mets seven times.

What college did NFL player Terence Newman play for?

NFL player Terence Newman played for Kansas State.