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Q: How many years did Wilt Chamberlain play in the nba?
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How many years in collage did wilt chamberlain play?

Wilt Chamberlain played 3 years at KU before going pro and becoming one of the best players of all time.

What did wilt chamberlain play after basketball?

After basketball, Wilt Chamberlain played volleyball.

What postition did Wilt Chamberlain play?

Point guard

Did Wilt Chamberlain ever play for the New York Knicks?


What team did Wilt Chamberlain play for?

He played Center.

Who did Wilt Chamberlain play with?

Wilt's first two professional teams : 1. The Harlem Globetrotters 2. Philadelphia Warriors

Where and when do the Harlem Globetrotters play?

Two Wilt Chamberlain and Reece "goose" Tatum

Who is better Kobe wilt chamberlan?

if we talking about individual play.,no one can ever reach the Stilt/the Depth WIlt CHamberlain record.,maybe someday. but now its clear, nobody can touch the record of Wilt Chamberlain. but when we talk about team play.,Kobe or Magic.,John Havlicek or Michael and the master Bill Russell should win this category.

What team did Wilt Chamberlain play for when he score 100 points?

He played for The Philadelphia Warriors...

Where did Wilt Chamberlain play basketball?

He played in Los Angeles,Philadelphia,San Fransico and San Diego.

How could Wilt Chamberlain play 48.5 MPG at the year 1965?

Chamberlain played all 48 minutes of every game plus a few overtime games.

How long did Wilton Norman chamberlain go to college?

Three years and he played on the Kansas University varsity basketball team for two years. When Wilt went to college, freshman were not eligible to play varsity basketball.