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forty years

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Q: How many years did Pele play football?
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What sport did Pele play?


Do Pele's sons play football?


What country did Pele play football for?


Why does Pele not play football now?

He is old now.

Did Pele ever play a football match at Wembley?

No he didn't.

How old was Pele when he started to play football?

when he was between 13 to 15.

What is the different of between Madonna and Pele?

Madonna's a great singer that can't play football and Pele's a great footballer that can't sing.

What years did Pele play soccer?

Pele played in the 1958 world cup, at the age of 17 years and his last match was in 1973.

What did Pele do before being played to play football?

He was a shoe shine boy at Santos.

How many games did Pele play?


What league did Pele play for?

What league did Pele play for

How many years can a football play?

Well it pepends a gooalkeeper can play football intill 40 years old but a player can play up to 35 ...

How many years did Knute Rockne play football?

3 years

How many years Deion Sanders play football?

12 years

Is Pele right or left footed?

Pele can play with both feet. I u would like to know anything about football contact me

Did Pele ever play any world cups with America?

Pele played all his world cups for Brazil, but he played club football with Cosmos.

How many years did peyton manning play college football?

so how many years

What was the first football tournament that Pele played in?

Pele played his first international football tournament in the 1958 World Cup at the age of 17. At the time he was the youngest player to ever play in the World Cup.

How many minutes did Pele play?

1466668 or 1466698

How many games did Pele play for Brazil?


How many years has Aaron Rodgers been playing football?

he can play for how many years he wants to

How many games did Pele play in at world cup 1966?

how many goal did Pele score in the 1966 world cup

How many times did Pele play in the world cup?

Pele played for Brazil in three world cups.

How many career games did Pele play?

Not including his time with the cosmos Pele played 1253 games

Who is the youngest player ever to play in the world cup?

It was Pele at 17 years.