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Q: How many years did Mike Dicta coach in the NFL.?
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How many total years has Mike Tomlin coached football?

Mike Tomlin has been coaching in the NFL for over 11 years.2001 -2005: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (defensive backs coach)2006: Minnesota Vikings (defensive coordinator)2007-present: Pittsburgh Steelers (head coach)

How many nfl rings does coach mike tomlin has?


How many years has Coach Lynch been a coach in the state of Indiana?

32 years

Who is the LA Dodgers coach?

well their manager is joe torre there are many coaches (hiting coach, pitching coach)

How many years did tony LaRussa coach?

37 years

How many times have the Pittsburgh Steelers been to the conference championship under coach Mike Tomlin?

The Steelers have made two appearances in the conference championship under coach Mike Tomlin. They won both times.

How many New York Yankees coaches are there currently?

There are six coaches and a manger:Manager - Joe GirardiBatting Coach - Kevin LongPitching Coach - Larry RothschildFirst Base Coach - Mick KelleherThird Base Coach - Rob ThomsonBench Coach - Tony PenaBullpen Coach - Mike Harkey

What is Mike Bibby best known for?

Mike Bibby is a well known basketball player. Mike is also known for being the son of NBA coach Henry Bibby. Mike has played for many basketball teams.

For how many years was Lou Holtz a football coach?

Lou Holtz was a football coach for a total of 33 years, beginning his career as an assistant coach. He began his roll of head coach in 1969 and finished in 2004.

How many years of college to be a professional sports coach?

20 to 24 years

How many years do you have to go to college to be a coach?

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How many years of school to be a bowling coach?

There is generally no schooling requirements to be a bowling coach. If you are looking to be a coach for a public school, they may have requirements to be on staff.