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Q: How many years did Michael Vick played in the NFL?
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How many years did Michael Vick play for the Atlanta Falcons?

Michael Vick played six seasons for the Atlanta Falcons (2001-2006).

How many Super Bowls did Michael Vick win?

Michael Vick never won a Super Bowl.

How many touchdown passes did Michael Vick throw in the 2010 season?

In 2010, Michael Vick threw 21 touchdown passes.

How many touchdowns does Michael Vick have in his career?

Michael Vick has 111 TDs in his entire career.(Since 2001-2006 and 2008-2011)

How many super bowls has Michael Vick been to?

0 ... the closest he came was the 2004 NFC Championship game when the Falcons lost to the Eagles. The Eagles went on to lose to the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX.

How many NFL career wins does Michael Vick have?


How many times has Michael Vick been sacked in 2012?

Through game 7 of the 2012 season, Michael Vick has been sacked 20 times.

How many teams has Michael Vick been on?

Twice - 2002 and 2004.

Have any players defended Michael Vick?

Most players do not defend the actions of Michael Vick, however he does maintain the support of the majority of his former teammates and many other players around the league.

How many touch downs did Michael Vick make during one game?


Where can one watch highlights of Michael Vick playing?

There are many online video streaming websites that allows you to watch on the highlights of Michael Vick playing. You can go to sites like YouTube, ESPN GO, or the NFL.

Is Michael Vick the fastest runner in the NFL?

he definitely wasnt the fastest player in the nfl but he was the fastest quarterback in the nfl in the last decade.I can say that Michael Vick has many talents and can not only throw the ball but run and catch the football as well.