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1984-2003 which is a total of 19 years.(OVERALL)

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Q: How many years did Michael Jordan play Basketball?
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How many years did Michael Jordan play college basketball?


How many years was Michael Jordan in the playing pro basketball?

15 seasons

How many years did Michael Jordan play?

michael jordan played 19 years

How many times has Michael Jordan retired from basketball?


How many sports did Michael Jordan played?

basketball and golf

How many years did Michael Jordan play in the NBA?

18 years, 1984-1993. 1993-1994 season returned to basketball again and retired in 2002

What does Michael Jordan like most about basketball?

The best thing Michel Jordan likes about basketball is netting the ball as many times as possible into the net.

How many hours daily did Michael Jordan practice basketball?


How has Michael Jordan change the game of basketball?

By many people, Michael Jordan is greatly considered the best basketball player to ever play the game. Not only has Michael Jordan changed the NBA itself, but he also has changed the lifestyles of many young athletes today. Jordan, not only a basketball player but an entertainer, has made movies, commercials, restaurants and has his own "Air Jordan" clothing line, started in 1985, and still a hit till today.

How many times did Michael Jordan foul out of a pro basketball game?


How many dunks did Michael Jordan make in his basketball career?

5,000 dunks

What is Michael Jordan's work experience?

The majority of Michael Jordan's work experience is playing professional basketball. In addition, he has been the spokesperson for many products he has endorsed.

How many years Micheal Jordan played basketball?

18 years

What are Michael Jordan's major accomplishments?

Earning many accomplishments in basketball Look on bio true story Micheal Jordan

Who will win out of LeBron James and Michael Jordan?

is that a question or what? Michael Jordan will win it in terms of how he has done in the game of basketball and in the NBA.. Jordan has many achievements rather than lebron.. he can overtake it but he can never erase it..

How many points did Michael Jordan score in his last college basketball game?


How many points did Michael Jordan score when he was playing UNC basketball?

he did 1.000 dunks

Does Michael Jordon have kids?

Michael Jordan does have kids. Im not sure on how many but one plays basketball at the University of Illinois.

How many medals did Michael Jordan win at the Olympics?

Two. Michael Jordan won gold medals with the U.S. Basketball team at the 1984 Games in Los Angeles and the 1992 Games in Barcelona.

How many years did Michael Jordan play for the Wizards?

Jordan played for 2 years on the Wizards and 12 years on the Bulls

How many points did Michael Jordan score in his first college basketball game?

21 points

How many years did michael jordan play for wizards?

2 years

How many years have Michael Jordan been in Business?

14 years

What is the most expensive Micheal Jordan card?

A 1986-87 Fleer Basketball Michael Jordan rookie sold for $100,000 at auction on June 5, 2011. The Michael Jordan rookie card is considered by many to be a cornerstone of basketball card collecting and sports memorabilia as a whole. See the related link.

How many free throws did Michael Jordan make?

Michael Jordan attempted 8, 772 free throws during his career in basketball. This is the 4th most free throws in basketball league history. Of the 8,772 shots, he made 7,327. This is a .835 percentage.