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famouse hocky player did you know that he is 1065 years old

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The WHA's Quebec Nordiques.

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Q: How many years did Maurice Richard play in the nhl?
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How long did Maurice Richard play?

36 years

What years did Maurice Rocket Richard play?


What position did maurice Richard play?

Right wing

How many goals did maurice Richard score in the regular season play form 1942 to 1962?


How many times did maurice Richard score three goals in a play off game?


Which team did Maurice Rocket Richard play for?

The Montreal Canadiens

Did any of Maurice Richard's brothers play hockey?

Type your answer here... yes

Who is known as rocket Maurice Richard Henri Richard guy lafleur guy lapointe?

Maurice Richard was nicknamed "The Rocket" for his fiery and passionate play. His younger brother, Henri, was often referred to as "The Pocket Rocket" or later as simply "The Pocket".

Who was the first European player to play for the Montreal Canadiens?

Maurice Richard with 544 regular season goals.

What team does Maurice Harkless play for?

Maurice Harkless plays for the Orlando Magic.

Why was maurice Richard a Canadian hero?

Yes he was a Canadian hero.One of the best hockey players ever!!!!

What position does Maurice Hurt play?

Maurice Hurt plays Guard for the Washington Redskins.