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20 years

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Q: How many years did Mario lemieux play?
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How many NHL seasons did Mario Lemieux play?


How many games did Sidney Crosby and Mario Lemieux play together?

26 I believe..

How many seasons did Sidney Crosby play with Mario Lemieux?

1 (26 games)

Who in the nhl did not play in 1990 because of hodgkins disease?

Mario Lemieux

Did Mario Lemieux play other sports before hockey?


Where can you get Mario lemieux game by game stats? has the stats of every nhl player to play the game

How many years did Mario lemieux play hockey?

He played from 1981 to 2006. From anywhere from QMJHL to the NHL. So about 25 years above College and Highschool hockey. If your talking originally, he started at age 3. His brothers and him used to use a wooden spoon and bottle tops.

What team did the Penguins play on December 27 2000 the night Mario Lemieux came out of retirement to play for the Penguins once again?

Toronto Maple Leafs

Did Mario Lemieux and Sidney Crosby ever play an NHL game together?

no because Mario is the owner of the team and he doesn't play hockey anymore and Sidney took over his place as captain yeah... they did actually

What actors and actresses appeared in NHL 2002 - 2001?

The cast of NHL 2002 - 2001 includes: Jim Hughson as Play-by-Play Announcer Mario Lemieux as Himself - cover star

Did Crosby play with Lemieux?

Yes, for approx. 26 games in the 2005-2006 season before Lemieux retired.

Was Wayne Gretzky a humble hockey player?

Yes because he said that Mario Lemieux could break his records if he was not battling cancer. Also he said that Goride Howe was the greatest man to play hockey and the greatest man to play sports.

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