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Q: How many years did Magic Johnson play basketball?
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How many years was magic Johnson pro?


How many Olympic Gold Medals does Magic Johnson?

Magic has one gold medal as a member of the 1992 United States men's basketball team.

How did magic Johnson become famous?

Magic johnson became famous when he scored 36 points 16 rebounds and 16 assist in one single highschool basketball game. Magic johnson ended up in the NBA where he was drafted to the LA Lakers and won many chanpionships and many all star awards aswell

What is magic Johnson's family like?

they were good blokes, many of them were big b-ball fans and they owned there very own basketball stadium where magic would practise everyday.

How many rings did Magic Johnson have?

mAgic Johnson has 78 wins

Magic Johnson basketball card value?

Many of the cards are valued at a price close to $20 each. If the card is signed, it will be worth much more.

How many brothers did Earvin magic Johnson have?

Earvin Magic Johnson has 1 brother named Larry

What are some names of people in the basketball hall of fame?

Michael Jordan Michael jordan, Ervin(magic) Johnson, Karl Malone, Kareem Abdul Jabaar,Larry Bird and many more. Michael jordan, Ervin(magic) Johnson, Karl Malone, Kareem Abdul Jabaar,Larry Bird and many more.

How many did magic Johnson rings?

Magic Johnson has 78 wins

How many teams was magic Johnson on?

Magic Johnson has only played on one team in the nba (the Los Angeles Lakers)

Who was given the nickname magic?

magic johnson, an nba ball player who made the all star game many times. He retired from the nba several years after contracting AIDS.

Is basketball a physical sport?

Basketball has gone past the times of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. These type of aggressive rivalries were the stuff that people wanted. Now you have way too many fouls. Basketball shouldn't be like hockey, though. Basketball is NOW a little bit of a contact sport.

Who are the best basketball athletes ever?

Many would say Micheal Jordan was the best but their are many other basketball athletes up their like Lebron James, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Bill Russel, Wilt Chamberlit, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Shaquille O,Neal

How many children does Magic Johnson have?


How many rings magic Johnson have?


How many kids did Magic Johnson have?


How many boys does magic Johnson have?


How many titles does magic Johnson have?


How many brothers and sisters does magic Johnson have?

was magic johnson born second in hs family

How many assists did Magic Johnson have in the NBA?

Magic Johnson tallied 10,141 total assists in his career, an average of 11.2 per game

How many years did Magic Johnson host his late night talk show?

The Magic Hour lasted for only two months before it was cancelled due to low ratings.

Are there any HIV aids survivor?

yes. there are many. Google it. I know someone who was born positive and is now 30 years old. IMPROVING ANSWER: Olympic Diver Greg Lougainis (spelling?) has had HIV for over 20 years and he's still healthy. So has basketball star Magic Johnson.

How many NBA championships for Magic Johnson and how many championships for Michael Jordan?

Magic Johnson won five NBA championships. Michael Jordan is a six-time NBA champion.

How many theatres does magic Johnson own?


How many championships does magic Johnson have as an owner?