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Quarterback Ken Stabler had 2,270 completions for 27,938 yards in his NFL career.

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Q: How many years did Kenny Stabler play in NFL?
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Why was Kenny Stabler called the snake?

This may be an embelished story, but I heard that when Kenny Stabler played for the Alabama Crimson Tide he made a remarkable play. Trailing in the bowl game, (I don't know which bowl game it was) and time was running out. On the last play of the game Kenny masterfully boot-legged the football. The opponent took the bait leaving Kenny Stabler to run a lot of yards for the game-winning score. Whether he had the nick-name, 'The Snake' before that game or not, I don't know. But, Kenny was known for getting out of the grasp of defensive lineman to make incredible plays when he should have been sacked. I'm from Oakland, California and had the privilage to see this incredible quarterback play at Oakland Colliseum. I have always been a Stabler fan and have a autographed foot ball from him. This story my be an old 'wive's tale', but it makes for a good story.

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I think who you're looking for is Ken Stabler. He played for the Oakland Raiders the Houston Oilers and the New Orleans Saints.

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