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he played for 15 seasons

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Los Angeles Lakers

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Q: How many years did Kareem play with the Lakers?
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What team did kareem play for in 1985?

Los Angeles Lakers

What position did Kareem Abdul Jabbar play on the lakers?


What teems did Kareem Abdul Jabbar play with?

the Milwaukee Bucks, and the LA lakers

Who does kareem play for?

Kareem Abdul Jabbar has only played for the Milwaukee Bucks. Later, he played for the Los Angeles Lakers until his retirement.

How many years did Karl malone play with the lakers?


What teams did Kareem Abdul-Jabbar play for?

Milwaukee Bucks 1969 - 1975 Los Angeles Lakers 1975 to 1989

Which team did Kareem Abdul Jabbar play for?

In 1975, the Lakers acquired Abdul-Jabbar and reserve center Walt Wesley from the Bucks for center Elmore Smith, guard Brian Winters, and rookie "blue chippers" Dave Meyers and Junior Bridgeman.

How many seasons did Magic Johnson play for the Lakers?


What does Kobe Bryan play on the lakers?

He plays for the dodgers! ..jk for the los angeles lakers obviously hes been playing with the lakers since 1996 he has 13 seasons playing with the lakers and he's only 31`years old!!!!

What was lakers showtime?

"Showtime" is usually referred to to the Lakers of the 1980s, and primarily the Pat Riley era from 1982-1990. This era was characterized by a high octane fast breaking open floor style of play led by Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and James Worthy. The "Showtime" Lakers won NBA titles in 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987 and 1988.

Did Cleveland cavaliers play the lakers in the final?

No they didnt play the lakers because BOSTON played them nd lost to the lakers So the lakers won the championship

What team does Kareem Martin play for?

Kareem Martin plays for the Arizona Cardinals.