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Dan Marino played 17 seasons for the Dolphins (1983-1999).

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Dan Marino played 242 games in his career, all with the Miami Dolphins.

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Dan Marino's career lasted 17 years, from 1983-1999, all with the Miami Dolphins.

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I don’t know

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Q: How many years did Dan Marino play for the Dolphins?
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What position does Dan Marino play?

Dan Marino played quarterback for the Miami Dolphins.

Did Dan Marino play quarterback for the New York Jets?

No, he did not. Dan Marino played his entire career for the Miami Dolphins (1983-1999).

Who wore number 87 for Miami Dolphins?

Hall of Famer Dan Marino wore the 13 jersey for the Miami Dolphins. Marino can arguable be the best quarterback to play the game without a Super Bowl victory.

How many Super Bowls did Dan Marino play in?

Dan Marino played in one Super Bowl, that being Super Bowl XIX played January 20, 1985 between the Miami Dolphins and the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers won 38-16.

Did Brett Favre invent the fake spike?

No, that was supposedly Bernie Kosar. Kosar claims to have 'invented' the play while he was with the Browns in the 1980s. He mentioned the play to the coaching staff of the Dolphins when he was on the team there and they executed it, with Dan Marino at QB, in a game against the Jets in 1994. With less than 30 seconds to go in the game and the Dolphins driving for the go ahead TD, Marino faked a spike and then threw an 8 yard TD pass to Mark Ingram to give the Dolphins a 28-24 win.

What do sea dolphins play with instead of beach balls?

Dolphins like to play in the waves that a boat leaves behind. That is why many times in a boat people see dolphins following the boat.

What was dan marino famous for?

Dan Marino was a Miami Dolphin quarterback and one of the best quarterbacks to play the game. He is second on many all time stats leaderboards behind only Brett Favre. He never won a Super Bowl but he made it there. He owns the single season record for most passing yards in a season.

Did dan marino play for the dolphins in 1984?

AFC East divisional foes the Patriots, Jets, Bills, and Colts The Steelers and Oilers in the AFC Central The Chargers and Raiders in the AFC West The Cowboys, Cardinals, Redskins, and Eagles in the NFC East.

The Miami Dolphins?

The Miami Dolphins play football. The Miami Dolphins are one of the older franchises in the National Football League (NFL). The Dolphins are the only franchise in NFL history to ever have a perfect season. There quarterback that year...Dan Marino.

Did Peyton Manning play dan marino in 1999?

Yes. The Colts and Dolphins were in the same division (the AFC East) and played twice. In October that year at Indianapolis the Dolphins trailed 17-9 in the fourth quarter until Marino (393 passing yards) led a comeback where the Dolphins outscored the Colts 25-14 to win 34-31. In December in Miami the Colts led 24-10 at the half; the Dolphins fought back again and tied the game at 34 with 30 seconds left; the Colts shot down field and Mike Vanderjagt booted a 53-yard field goal on the last play, a 37-34 Colts win.

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There only true friend is them but they love to play with other dolphins so they have more that 3,0000 friends

How many super bowl did the dolphins play and who was the quarter backs?