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Six years 1970-1976

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Q: How many years did Bobby Bowden coach West Virginia?
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College football coach Bobby Bowden is 88 years old (birthdate: November 8, 1929).

Who has the most Division 1 college football wins Joe Paterno or Bobby Bowden?

Joe Pa. Bobby Bowden only has 30 years in D-1. His D-1 record is below. (Bowl and Playoff Games Included) Coach (College, Tenure) Years Won Lost Tied Pct.# *John Gagliardi, St. John

Who is the winningest active coach by percentage with at least 5 years as a DIV 1 coach?

Answer1. Bobby Bowden, Florida State .757 2. Joe Paterno, Penn State .7513. Jim Tressel, Ohio State .7414. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina .738

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Depends on what you are looking for revolutionizing the game: John Heisman impressive sideline presence: Bear Bryant/Bobby Dodd/Bobby Bowden winningest: John Gagliardi (winningest division 1: Bear Bryant)

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