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Q: How many years carmelo Anthony played in college?
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Did Carmelo Anthony go to college?

to be a nba player and syracuse

Did Carmelo Anthony have cancer?

No, NeNe is the one who was diagnosed with cancer. And Carmelo Anthony's father (also named Carmelo Anthony) died of cancer when carmelo was two years old.

What is the age of carmelo Anthony?

Carmelo Anthony was drafted into the NBA at the age of 19.

How old Carmelo Anthony?

Carmelo Anthony is 33 years old (birthdate: May 29, 1984).

How old was Carmelo Anthony when his father died?

His father died of cancer when Carmelo was two years old

What year did Carmelo Anthony go to the Olympics?

Carmelo was traded to the knicks at the end of february around the time of the trade deadline

Will carmelo Anthony be traded to the knicks?

on 2/22/11 he signed $65 mil. for 3 years

Who is better ray Allen or carmelo Anthony?

Well since I'm a Boston Celtics fan it would be Ray Allen because he can beat Carmelo in three pointers. But maybe in a few years Carmelo could be better:)

Who is better lebron James or carmelo Anthony?

LeBron James, no exceptions. LeBron has been called the next Michael Jordan since he was 17 years old, only a junior in high school. Dude Carmelo Anthony is the best man LeBron James stinks

Where was carmelo Anthony born and raised?

Carmelo Anthony was born in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Baltimore, Maryland when he was eight years old. He lived in Baltimore until his senior year in high school when he went to attend Oak Hill Academy in Virginia to play basketball.

How old is lala brown's daughter?

=She is 30 years old and if u don't know her thisis who she is==La La well her real name is Alian Vasquez Anthony she is married to Carmelo Anthony an has 1 child by him named Kiyan Anthony She hosted For the love of Ray J reunion=

What year did Carmelo Anthony start playing basketball?

the answers is he has been in the nba for 15 years the answer is 15 years