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There is no restriction on time served. In 2010, for example, veteran Cowboys Cheerleader Trisha Trevino successfully auditioned for a sixth season on the squad.

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Q: How many years can a woman be a dallas cowboy cheerleader?
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How long can you cheer on the Dallas cowboy team?

There is no time limit, although it is rare when a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader serves for five years or more. The last member of the squad to successfully audition for a sixth year is Trisha Trevino, who has been a Cowboys Cheerleader since the 2005 season.

Who was a Dallas cowboy for two years with the last name Owens?

Terrell Owens

Who is the oldest dallas cowboys cheerleader fir the 2011 season?

Sunni Cranfill - She is 31 years old.

When was Cassie Rowland part of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders?

Yes she was on the 2008 squad.Makenzie Swicegood was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader for four years :2005200620072008(source :

Who was the unofficial mascot of the Dallas Cowboys for more than 40 years?

Cowboy Bill I believe.

How old is Dallas Lovato?

Dallas Lovato is 29 years old (birthdate: Febuary 4, 1988).Dallas Lovato is the elder sister of US actress and singer Demi Lovato. She was named after the Dallas Cowboys NFL Team, as her mother was a cheerleader for the team prior to her marriage.

How old is former Dallas Cowboy Randy White?

Randy White was born on January 15, 1953. He is 58 years old.

What is FC Dallas' Mascot?

== == * Official Mascot of the Dallas Cowboys -- "ROWDY" the cowboy. == == * There was also "Crazy Ray" Jones for years and years. Watch NFL films version of Super Bowl XII of him wiping the sweat off of his face with a Denver Broncos pennant. Crazy Ray was an unofficial mascot for the Dallas Cowboys for many years. He passed away within a year ago. The Cowboys organization held a memorial service in honor of him. It was all over the dallas Cowboys website at the time.

Why do Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders retire after 5 years?

Simply because most of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders aren't as fit once they enter a fifth year and they retire. While Trisha Trevino was an exception and successfully completed the tryouts and the training camp process, most of our cheerleaders do not make the requirements to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. - Kelli

How old is Cassie Trammell?

Former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Cassie Trammell is 28 years old (born February 15, 1989). She married Collin Loftin in 2012, and on October 23, 2013, her son Cannon was born. Cassie is the daughter of ex-cheerleader Judy Trammell, the head choreographer for the group.

How long has the Dallas Cowboy's existence?

The Cowboys joined the National Football League as an expansion team in 1960. The team will commemorate its 50 years in the league during the 2010 season.

Where will Super Bowl 45 be played in?

Dallas Cowboys Stadum (Texas Staduim) Negative. Super Bowl 45 is being played in COWBOY STADIUM in ARLINGTON Texas. (common mistake) Just FYI: The former home stadium for the "Dallas" Cowboys was indeed TEXAS STADIUM, but that was located in IRVING Texas, NOT Dallas. The Cowboys did initially play in the Cotton Bowl (actually in Dallas) for 11 years after their formation in 1960...until Texas Stadium (Irving) was finished. The current Cowboy Stadium was built with the Super Bowl in mind.