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The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (the franchise's name until 2006) began NHL play in 1993-94.

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1928-1929 season

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Q: How many years ago was the Anaheim Ducks first season?
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How many years did it take for ducks to win Stanley cup?

The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim were founded in 1993, they became the Anaheim Ducks in 2007, they won the cup in 2007.

Who was mighty ducks first coach?

Gordon Bombay was the coach in 1 & 2. He was replaced by Ted Orion in 3.

How many combined championships has the state of California's professional sports team won in the past ten years?

6 (4 for the Los Angeles Lakers, 1 for the Anaheim Ducks, 1 for the Anaheim Angels).

Are the Anaheim Ducks the best team in the NHL?

Well a few years ago they won the Stanley Cup but now they aren't the best anymore.

What three teams won the Stanley Cup in the past three years?

The Anaheim Ducks - 2007 The Detroit Red Wings - 2008 The Pittsburgh Penguins - 2009

What were the previous names of the Anaheim Angels?

They played in Los Angeles as the Los Angeles Angels for five years from 1961 through the 1965 season. They played in Anaheim as the California Angels from 1966 through 1996. They played as the Anaheim Angels beginning the 1997 season through the 2004 season. They officially became the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on 3 January, 2005. They were the LA Angels for about 1 year. Then when they moved to Aneheim, they became the California Angels. Then, of course, the Anaheim Angels. And now, The Los Angeles Angels of Aneheim.

What professional hockey team is affiliated with the Portland Pirates?

At present the Portland Pirates are affiliated with Phoenix Coyotes. In previous years they have been affiliated with the Baltimore Skipjacks, Washington Capitals Anaheim Ducks and the Buffalo Sabres.

What are three teams that won the Stanley Cup in the past six years?

Anaheim Ducks: '06 - '07, Carolina Hurricanes: '05 - '06, No Winner (NHL lockout): '04 - '05, Tampa Bay Lightning: '03 - '04.

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Vesa Toskala played professional hockey in the USA and Canada. If you total his entire international career he played professional hockey for 17 years. Some of the teams he played with were the San Jose Sharks, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Anaheim Ducks.