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12 years

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Q: How many years Deion Sanders play football?
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How many years was Deion Sanders in college?

4 years

How many interceptions did Deion Sanders have his 1st 9 years in the nfl?


How many kids does deion sanders have?

deion sanders has 6 known kids and two wives one divorced

How many people play on offense and defence on football?

deion sanders played for cowboys started both def and off..

How many rings does Deion Sanders have?


How many touchdowns does Deion Sanders have?

22 in total.

Deion Sanders how many children does he have?

he has five children

How many children does Deion Sanders have?

he has five children

How many children does Deion Sanders have?

he has five children

How many Super Bowls has Deion Sanders won?


How many Super Bowls did Deion Sanders win?


How many playoff games did Deion Sanders play in?


How many Super Bowl rings do Deion Sanders have?


How many years did Deion Sanders play baseball?

Deion Sanders played in major league baseball for parts of nine seasons: 1989 through 1995, 1997, and 2001. He also played AAA baseball during the 2000 season.

How many super bowl rings did Deion Sanders win?


How many champaionship rings does Deion Sanders have?

just researched it-- 2

Are Deion Sanders and Barry Sanders brothers?

It doesn't mean they are brothers just because they have the same last many people have the same last names but doesn't mean that Deion and Barry are brothers. But they might be brothers you never know

Deion Sanders 40 yard time?

At the 1989 NFL Scouting combine, Deion Sanders impressed many with his amazing speed. He ran the 40 in a time of 4.27 seconds.

How many years did Barry Sanders play pro football?


How many different NFL Super Bowl teams did Deion Sanders play on?

Deion Sanders played on two Super Bowl Teams: the 49ers in 1994 and the Cowboys the following season.

How many home runs does deon sanders have?

Deion Sanders hit 39 career home runs in 9 Major League seasons.

Played 2 sports professionally?

Deion Sanders ,Brian Jordan and Drew Henson are three of many.

How many touchdowns did Jerry Rice score on Deion Sanders?

Jerry Rice has scored 14 touchdowns against Sanders.think you will find he scored 14 against teams sanders played for not when he was covered by sanders

How many championships did Deion Sanders win?

Sanders was a member of the San Francisco 49ers that won Super Bowl XXIX and the Dallas Cowboys that won Super Bowl XXX.

What does Deion Sanders like to do in his spare time?

He loves to fish , he has been sited many times bass fishing near Orlando .