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Q: How many yards rushing does chris Johnson have?
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How many yards did chris Johnson get in 2009?

2,006 yards

How many times has a player rushed for 2000 in a season?

Only 6 players have. Chris Johnson from the Tennessee Titans (8-8) was the newest to be added to the list this season rushing for 2,254 yards.

Tiki Barber Retired With How Many Total Rushing Yards?

10,449 Rushing Yards

How many career rushing yards did Kurt Warner have?

He had about 87 career rushing yards

How many rushing yards did Matt Forte have in 2007 in college?

2007 rushing yards

How many rushing yards did Ladainian Tomlinson have up until 2007?

10650 rushing yards

How many rushing yards did Brandon Jacobs have in Super bowl 46?

47 rushing yards.

How many rushing yards did Jim brown have?

1863 rushing yards in the 1963 season.

How many rushing yards did LaDainian Tomlinson have in 2006?

LaDainian Tomlinson had 1815 rushing yards in 2006.

How many yards did Emmitt Smith rush for?

Rushing Yards 18,355 - Average 4.2 yards per carry - Rushing TDs 174

How many total rushing yards did tiki barber have?

Tiki Barber ended his career with 10,449 total rushing yards.

How many Rushing yards did Julius Jones have in 2005?

993 yards.