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15 yards

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Q: How many yards is a team penalized for kick catch interference?
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Can the receiving team catch the onsides kick legally before ten yards?

Yes it can, but the ball becomes free (live) at that spot instead of the ten yards.

High school rules on punts and kick off?

Can a kickoff team catch the ball in the air if it has gone 10 yards

What easier to do kick a Bowling ball 40 yards or kick a Soccer ball 40 yards?

It would be much easier to kick a soccer ball forty yards.

Kick taken 12 yards in front of goal?

Kick taken 12 yards in front of goal?

In football how many yards must an onsides kick travel before it becomes a legal kick?

10 yards

How long is a extra point kick?

20 yards. They kick it on the 10 but with the post at the back of the end zone it makes it 20 yards because the end zone is 10 yards.

When a punt is kicked can the opposing team hit the person who is catching the ball?

If you are a K player (kicking team) and 'hit' or 'make contact' with the R player (receiving team) trying to catch the ball before or during the catch, it is a kick-catch interference foul. The R player attempting to catch the kick is given protection. He is given an 'opportunity to catch the ball'. If the R player asks for a fair catch, he is never to be hit, unless the ball hits the ground.

Is a kick return considered yards rushing?

No it is not.

You Have a Free kick from 30 yards out do you?

Curl it

What is the longest kick off?

60 yards

How many yards does a kicker have to kick an extra point in youth football?

20 yards

How many yards is required to retreat when opponents are awared a free kick?

10 yards

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