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3373 yards

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Q: How many yards has Adrian Peterson rushed for in the NFL?
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How many yards did Adrian Peterson have in 2008?

1760 yards

How many career yards does Adrian Peterson have?

Rushing he has 6714 yards. Receiving he has 1295 yards.

How many yards did Adrian Peterson have in college?

Adrian Peterson ran for 4,057 yards on on 747 attempts for the Sooners. He also scored 41 touchdown's in his 3 season's.

How many records does Adrian Peterson hold?

He has the single game rushing record in the NFL with 296 yards.

How many touchdown did Adrian Peterson make in 2005?

With Oklahoma University, Adrian Peterson scored a total of 14 TDs in 2005.

Who is better Adrian Peterson or chris jhonson?

Chris Johnson is by many seen as the best running back in football, being the sixth player (placed at no 5) to ever reach 2000 yards in a season (2006 yards). Adrian Peterson has on the other hand most yards in one game record, 298 back in 08/09 season against the Bears.

How many children does the vikings Adrian Peterson have?


How many TDS does Adrian Peterson have?

22 Touchdowns

How many trophies Adrian Peterson have?

67 to be exact

How many yards has Willie Parker rushed for in his NFL career?

Willie Parker has rushed for 5,378 yards in his NFL career.

How many yards has john elway rushed?


How many football games has Adrian Peterson played?


How many career rushing yards did Jerome Bettis have?

Jerome Bettis rushed for 13,662 yards in his career. He rushed for 10,571 for the Steelers and 3,091 for the Rams.

How many yrs did Adrian Peterson play for OU?

your mom! 23

How many siblings does Adrian Peterson have?

2 sisters and 1 brother

How many yards did Rhodes and Addai combine for in 2006?

1,722. Joseph Addai rushed for 1,081 yards in the 2006 season and Domenic Rhodes rushed for 641.

How many yards has Vince Young rushed in the NFL?

Over 1000

How many Bench Press Reps did Adrian Peterson have in the Combine?

He didn't do it at the combine.

How many children does Adrian Peterson have?

Peterson has a daughter and two sons. One of his sons passed away in October 2013.

How many yards did Willie Parker rush for in 2009?

In 2009, Willie Parker rushed for 389 yards.

How many rushing yards did Adrian perterson have in 09?


How many yards did Jonathan seitz rush for his fifth grade year?

He rushed for 1048 yards with 12 touchdowns.

LaDainian Tomlinson rushed for a career high in yards in 2006 How many yards did LaDainian Tomlinson rush for?


How many African Americans rushed over 2000 yards a year?

2000 yards a year is hardly a rush!

How many yards has LaMichael James rushed for this year?

He ran for 1,682 in 2010.