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From 1988 to 1992, Warren Williams had 1,191 rushing yards and 339 receiving yards for the Steelers.

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Q: How many yards did Warren Williams have for the Pittsburgh Steelers?
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Which quarter back has the most running yards out of the packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers?


Who is the all-time wide receiver leader in yards for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Hines Ward is the Steelers all-time leader in receiving yards with 12,083 yards.

Which Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback has the longest run in Steelers history and how long was it?

Mark Malone, 99 yards

Who has the most receiving yards in Pittsburgh Steelers history?

Through 2010, Hines Ward is the Steelers all-time leader in receiving yards with 11,702.

How many rushing yards did the Pittsburgh Steelers have in 2009?

In 2009, the Steelers rushed for a total of 1,793 yards. The team was led by running back Rashard Mendenhall with 1,108 yards.

Who was the leading rusher for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1995?

In 1995, Erric Pegram was the Steelers leading rusher with 813 yards.

What was the total amount of rushing yards the Pittsburgh Steelers gained in 2010?

The Steelers rushed for 1,924 yards in 2010. Their leading rusher was Rashard Mendenhall with 1,273.

Who was The Pittsburgh Steelers' leading rusher in 1990?

The leading rusher for the Steelers in the 1990 season was Merril Hoge with 772 yards.

Who is the Pittsburgh Steelers all time leading rusher?

Franco Harris - 11,950 yards

Who has Pittsburgh Steelers record for most passing yards in a single season?

Tommy Maddox

Who rushed for the most yards all-time against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

emmit smith

How many yards were the Pittsburgh Steelers penalized for during the 1999 season?

During the 1999 regular season, the Steelers offense was penalized a total of 945 yards. The defense was penalized a total of 813 yards.

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