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Yankee Stadium uses the Major League Baseball Rules so the distance between bases will be those required by Major League Baseball. That is 60 feet and 6 inches or 60.5 feet or 20 and 1/6 yards.

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90 feet

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Q: How many yards are between the bases in Yankee stadium?
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What is the volume in cubic yards of Yankee stadium?

The volume of Yankee Stadium is approximately 2.618 million cubic yards.

What is the seating capacity in the orioles ballpark Camden Yards?

According to, the seating capacity of Camden Yards is 48,262.

How many yards between bases in baseball?

the distance between the bases are 60 feet in little league, and youth baseball

How many major league stadiums do not have a corporate name?

13: Wrigley field (named for William Wrigley, not the company) Camden Yards Angel Stadium Fenway Park Kauffman Stadium Oakland Coliseum Metrodome The Ballpark in Arlington Yankee Stadium Dolphin Stadium Nationals Park Dodger Stadium Turner Field

If there are 60 feet between baces on a softball diamond how many yards are there between bases?

There are 20 yards between bases on a softball diamond. This is because 1 yard is equivalent to 3 feet, so you can divide the 60 feet between bases by 3 to get 20 yards.

How many yards are in the lucas oil stadium?

100 yards

Baltimore Orioles Stadium name?

The stadium name is Oriole Park at Camden Yards. This is sometimes abbreviated as OPACY

What is the height of stadium lights in football field?

The playing field measures 100 yards and each end zone is 10 yards deep. The total is 120 feet.

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A baseball diamond has 90 ft between each base A sofball diamond has 60 ft between each base How many yards longer is the space between bases an a baseball diamond than a softball diamond?

10 yards

Where did OJ Simpson run for 273 yards at?

Tiger Stadium

Find the length of the shorter base of the trapezoid if the longer base is 22 yards and the length of median is 18 yards?

The length of the median is halfway between that of the bases. Since the difference between the the longer base and the median is 4 yards (22 - 18), the shorter base must be 4 yards shorter than the median, or 18 - 4, which is indeed 14 yards.Answer 114 yards.