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MLB: 30 yards, although it's usually referred to as 90 feet.

Other leagues may have different distances.

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Q: How many yards apart are the bases on a baseball field?
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How many yards between bases in baseball?

90 feet = 30 yards.

How big is the baseball field in yards?

Almost every baseball field is a different size.

How many yards between bases in baseball in feet?

I'm not exactly sure which question your asking, so I'm going to answer it several ways. The bases are 90 feet apart, or 30 yards. And just for the heck of it.. 27.432 meters 1080 inches

How far apart should soccer goals be placed?

If you are talking about the length of a professional field than about 115 yards apart, soccer fields are around 15 yards longer than football fields, but if you just want a youth field about 78 yards away, if you want a small field in a backyard or playground to have fun, at least 15-30 yards

What are some items measured in the US customary system?

some items that are measrued in US customary are the yards on a football field, and the the length between the bases in baseball.

What is the 90 foot distance from base to base on a baseball field in yards?

90 feet = 30 yards

What can be measured in yards?

usually its any field. for example, a backyard , a lawn , football field ,even a baseball field.

How far is it from home plate to center field in pro baseball?

It all depends on which field you are at. Most MLB parks are from 380 yards to 420 yards.

What type of measurment would be most appropriate to measure the distance between bases on a baseball field?

The general answer is "linear measurement". Specific possibilities would be feet, yards, and meters.

How far apart are the 2 goal post?

If you're asking how far apart are the two uprights on a single goal post, they are 18 feet 6 inches apart in college and pro, and 23 feet 4 inches apart in high school. If you're asking how far apart is one team's goal post from the other team's goal post on the opposite end of the field, they are 120 yards apart. (10 yards for each end zone and 100 yards for the length of the field in-between.)

How big is a rounders pitch?

A rounders pitch measures 77 yards square with the bases at 27 yards apart. The foul line is outside of the two side adjacent lines.

What would you use to measure a football field?

Officials use yards, as a football field is 100 yards.

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