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Q: How many yards Does Drew Brees need to?
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How many yards does Drew Brees need?

he needs 30 yards

Is Drew Brees staying with the saints?

yes because they need him

Who should you start at quarterback week 4. Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers?

Answer:You would be ignorant to start Brett Farve! Drew Brees is clearly the better quarterback in this situation.You should definitely start Drew Brees. Every game he gets huge yards and most of the time at least one touch down if not more. He will score huge points for your team.You should definitely start Drew Brees because he is just killing in every game. He's going to take the Saints to the Super Bowl.Drew Brees is doing great. He throws at least 2 touchdown passes a game, and is also the one of two Q.B. to have beaten every single NFL team.Drew Brees is awesome even though of there three game losing streak. I think The saints were just to over confident. they just need to settle down and get Reggie Bush in a few more plays so they have less picks.

Is Drew Brees going to get a new contract before season?

Probably yes, the saints need him, that's a fact.

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They need to eat 2 square yards.

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You will need a minimum of 7.41 cubic yards.

How many yards would you need for 9 feet?

3 yards

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You need 166.66 square yards of carpet.

How did Drew Brees get a scar on his face?

The marking on Drew Brees' face is his birthmark and not a scar.

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12.96 yards

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how many yards of concrete will i need to do a 20 x20 x4 slab