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Companies that are out of buisseness:

Jim Crockett Promotion

Georgia Championship Wrestling

Stampede Wrestling

Championship Wrestling From Florida

American Wrestling Assosiation

World Class Championship Wrestling

Universal Wrestling Assosiation

World Championship Wrestling

Wrestling Assosiation R

Extreme Championship Wrestling

Current pro wrestling companies:

National Wrestling Alliance

Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre

World Wrestling Entertainment

World Wrestling Council

New Japan Pro Wrestling

All Japan Pro Wrestling

Jersey All Pro Wrestling

Asistencia Assesoria Y Administracionestling

Pro Wrestling Noah

Pro Wrestling Zero1

Ring Of Horror

Total Nonstop Wrestling Action

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Q: How many wrestling companies are there that are pro?
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Ring of Honour Pro wrestling is one that mainly focuses it's market on wrestling purists so you'll find your technical wrestling there

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Free? Only if you have a friend who is a pro wrestler. Otherwise there are many wrestling schools but you have to pay, of course.

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When did Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling end?

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What is pro wrestling?

Pro Wrestling is a Form of Entertainment and a sport.

What pro wrestling schools are there in NC?

There are many wrestling schools available in North Carolina. Some examples are Ivan Koloff Wrestling school in Charlotte and ICW Pro-Wrestling school in Marc Arsh Wilmington.

When was Pro Wrestling Illustrated created?

Pro Wrestling Illustrated was created in 1979.

When was Impact Pro Wrestling created?

Impact Pro Wrestling was created in 2001.

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Where did John cena go to school for pro wrestling?

Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW)

What is the duration of All Pro Wrestling?

The duration of All Pro Wrestling is 3600.0 seconds.

Where did school wrestling derive from?

pro wrestling

What is covey pro wrestling?

A wrestling company.

Can you tapout in wrestling?

In Pro-Wrestling yes you can.