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An NFL Football player by the name of Lyle Alzado (1949-1992), died off of steroids actually that is incorrect. Lyle Alzado is the most brought up name in steroid conversations but the simple fact is just because people say it doesnt make it true. Lyle Alzado died of a brain tumor, not steroids. Even his own doctor and the leading qualified doctor specializing in steroids insure that steroids did not lead to his death, so enough of the Lyle Alzado name dropping, ok?

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Steroids have recently been linked to brain cancers and can help feed them since steroids stimulate the liver into making more glucose; which feeds brain tumors.
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Zero wrestlers have ever died from steroid use. Eddie Guerrero did not die from steroids and Chris Benoit did not die from steroids. Medical Professionals from the Sports Legacy Institute have studied those cases and have expressed that there is no evidence that steroids caused Chris Benoit to kill his family and himself. After examination, it was found that Benoit's brain had been subjected to so much trauma and had so much dead tissue that professionals described it as "resembling the brain of an 80-year-old Alzheimer's patient".

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Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, Dolph Ziggler (or Nicky from the Spirit Squad) and I'm guessing Batista (he looks like it anyway). These are all I know.

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Chris Beniot?

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Q: How many wrestlers have died from steroids?
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