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Starting with the 1969 season, the AL was divided into two divisions, East and West. Starting with the 1995 season, the AL was divided into three divisions; East, West, and Central.

A team from the AL East has the won the World Series in the following years: 1970, 1977, 1978, 1983, 1984, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2004, 2007, and 2009.

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Q: How many world series has the American League won?
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How many World Series have the American league won?


How many world series did the American league lose?


How many World Series were there?

The 2007 MLB World Series was the 103rd World Series played between the National League and the American League.

How many World Series titles has the natonal league won?

The National League has won 43 World Series titles. The American League won 61.

How many teams go to the World Series?

Only two teams go to the World Series: the American League champion and the National League champion.

How many times has the American league won the World Series?

Al 61-nl 43

How many chapmionships have the A's won?

They have won 9 World Series championships and 15 American League championships.

How many world series did billy ripken win?

Billy Ripken, the Infielder that played with the Baltimore Orioles of the Eastern Division of the American League, the Cleveland Indians of the Central Division of the American League, the Texas Rangers of the Western Division of the Central Division and the Detroit Tigers did not enter any World Series and did not participate in any World Series gameds.

How many times have brewers won the World Series?

The Milwaukee Brewers have only appeared in one World Series, back in 1982 when they were in the American League. They lost to the St. Louis Cardinals of the National League in seven games.

How many American League Championship Series have the New York Yankees played in?

The Yankees played in 43 American League Championship Series and won 40 pennants.

How many baseball leagues are left for 2008?

There are two leagues in Major League Baseball: the American League and the National League. Each league conducts its own rounds of the playoffs, so there will be at least one team from each league still actively playing until the finals -- called the World Series -- are settled. The winner of the World Series is considered the world champion.

How many players from the 1997 World Series are still playing in Major League Baseball?

None of the players that played in the 1997 Major League Baseball World Series regardless of being from the American League Champion; Cleveland Indians or the National League Champion; Florida Marlins are currently playing in the Major Leagues as of 2014.